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  1. i love the way women think, its for mens entertanment more than anything els, like dont get me wrong, you do get clever women, like it amazes me how women work a washing machean, thats realy good

    1. yes’re, i say women are idiot, and that spelling mistake is all you got, so make the most of it johny fucking foreigner, all i need from you is to point me in the direction of a pub, and ill thank you by slaping you aside with my Imperial passport

    2. If that’s the best you can spell/correctly put a sentence together in your own mind. You’re definitely NOT military material. Ha.

    3. Militaryminded85 can’t spell entertainment, else, don’t, machine, or really. No periods or capital letters. This was one of those cool kids who skipped school because he thought he knew everything! FAIL

    4. Don’t hound him because I doubt English is his first and only language. Like any of you douche bags could even handle learning a second language.

  2. A real man puts down his camera and helps her with the car. A real man uses the camera to make a sex-tape with the girl afterward.

    1. naaa, a real man sell’s the camera and tell’s her he lost it then makes it up to her by fucking her brains out, cuz she’s gagging for it after the car thingy

    2. You fucking moron. Do you have any clue when to use an apostrophe. You are military minded because you are too dumb to get a civilian job. I am ashamed to be your dad.

    3. i think im doing pretty well, seeing as i lernd the most of it on my own, im 25 and i cant fucking spell, why? becouse i never lernt to, iv seen 10 year old retards spell better than me because they have some one helping them, it doesnt mean they can split the atom….it sounds like you still have alot more to lern than me in life…i say alot of dumb shit i dont realy mean on this site just for the lols…but to ridicule someone lacking education without helping them…for your sake you wana hope ther isnt an after life, cuz you will burn in hell for your judgment on others, we alll got somthing to lern

    1. actually a woman is a car….u feed her (petrol), costs u a fortune to run (maintenance + service) and when a new model comes along u trade her in…hahahahaha

    2. Haha. No it’s woman+anything that’s not kitchen-related = fail. I’m a chick and even I know that a woman’s a** should be in the kitchen or in the bed at all times. xD

    1. so the car doesnt have to roll over ice chunks. you actually want to put stuff under the back tires to increase traction, so when the wheels spin (vehicle occupied or not) it catches something.

  3. Wait a minute.. isn’t this one of these all too expensive BMW’s?… are they like 4 wheel drive with all kinds of traction control?… I say fail on on the part of the car… all that money for an SUV that can’t even get out of that much snow?…scratch that off the list of future wants…

    1. look, ther is being intellectual, and ther is being a twat,me being the Intellect of course fwar fwar fwar

  4. its a BMW, don’t tell me it don’t have trac control or 4 wheel drive. all she had to do was hit a button, and why would she hold the gas knowing she just jumped the curb. lol stupid keeps the wheel turned the same way the entire time.

    1. No one taught idiot girl about the little L on her dashboard. If she put it in low and drove properly, there would be no problem It’s just another case of more “dollars than sense”.

  5. most people in the city have no clue how to drive in snow, Toronto is at a standstill if it snows, until they call the military in

  6. to all u noobs, its a series 1 bmw, its not a SUV, it doesnt have 4WD, it has RWD and may or may not have TCS (traction control system) depending on the model.

  7. First, I’d suggest you get that lazy ass man out of bed! Now he’s gonna bitch and moan because you dinged his p*ssymobile.

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