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    1. ah. seems this is a common mistake. The original Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was Indian. However not all the comings of the Buddha are Indian.

    1. are you fucking kidding me? You don’t see a 200 lb. 3 year old as a fail? Maybe not a fitting in fail, but there is fail to be had by all here! Only in Ameri… oh wait. I guess not…

    2. yeah its not an everyday occurence, but its more or less a disablity. if this is a fail, a kid in a wheelchair should be one too.

    3. mabye is not a fail or yes i dont care…I care about the child he could die of a heart attack for being to fat! thats childhood obesity and thats not good. on school bad kids will laugh! poor lil guy….he needs a GYM

  1. You people are honestly assholes. Little kids accepting others for being different without the judgement you all seem to possess is definitely not a fail. It’s a hope for a future in which you assholes will all be dead and these wonderful kids can change society’s fucked up views.

    1. No. It’s not the assholes in EP that make the photo look bad. Is the parents of the “little” kid that you should be bitching to. Not us. You wanna be productive? Delete your EP account if you can’t take the comments. If you a girl, stop writing comments while you have your PMS-ing episodes. If you a guy, stop writing comments while you have your PMS-ing episodes too.

    2. me- thank you, for real.
      cutie- im personally thinking he has a thyroid problem, not the parents fault. regardless, i think it is fucking moronic for people teenage+ to be laughing at a child’s weight, its not like he cant help it.

  2. Bloody parents. Hide the chocolates and the chips and the burgers. It can’t be that difficult!! You find time for your shit but not to learn your kid eat healthy food or at least normal food

  3. okay…which is the fail…the fat kid having a heart attack on the left or the conflicted confused one with his sisters clothes on to the right? both. fails all around for this one…

  4. He just leaned over and sharted on himself. The little boy, of course thought it was funny, the little girl thought it was funny too but can’t wait to roll his fat ass down a flight of stairs. In her words and no pun intended to the rest of the dialog “Now, that’s some funny shit!”

  5. Too bad they have to grow up and learn hateful words like “Fatty” and “Fag”. They are just having fun for right now.

  6. laugh all you want but that kid is gonna grow up to be a sumo grand champion and get more tang than any of you.

  7. I NEED MORE FOOD! (that’s what he’s screamingg)
    Just look, he’s sweating all over his shirt! He needs to lose some lbs..!

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