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  1. Wheres China Arnold when you need her. This one is going to take a larger microwave. Screw it, lets just use the grill. I want a wing! Don’t spare the BBQ sauce and pass the grape Kool-Aid! WiNNiNG!

  2. Way to be purposefully inflamatory to try to seem intelligent. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were “soul food” and commented just to try to make your point seem valid.
    It’s not a matter of race, it’s a matter of bad parenting.

  3. I live amongst a bunch of hillbillies…and I daresay this behavior is no less pathetic than how most of the artist (check drawers) around here act. Guess what color THEY are…white. Assumption fail on every white OR black OR hispanic OR asian OR arabic racist douchebag commenting on this site!

  4. It is so sad to read these comments . I wonder where you ignorant people live because never in my 20 years of living in America have i met someone with such negative thoughts about minorities. That’s because you are all confined to your computer chairs. While we SANE and SUCCESSFUL people (black,white,Hispanic,asian, etc) are out living our lives, appearing on tv, etc, and you are all just irrelevant computer gangsters. Who cares what you think about people just because of the color of their skin. Ever heard of eminem? Machine gun Kelly? Justin bieber? All 3 are white and have done hip hop or rap songs. So what does that make them? White people have just as much to be ashamed of us black people and Hispanics. Every race has ignorant people giving us bad names. If any of you would step away from your computer for once and into the real world, you would realize that. And feel free to respond negatively I don’t care, I have better things to do than refresh my page on my iPad, waiting for a response. Have a wonderful day epic fail fans. And may the lord have mercy on your poor lost souls.

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