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    1. I’m pretty sure you’d miss it with the pressure on you too. I don’t see where the fail on this is. It’s normal in Soccer games. Soccer isn’t easy, and trust me when your rushing your shot because your 1 second window is right there, chances are you’ll miss. It happens in football like when QB’s rush their passes and under shot or over throw their WR’s or RB’s, or when people rush their jump shots to hit the buzzer mark in basketball games.

  1. to john: in football each team gets @ 60 plays, in basketball each team gets @ 60 shots, so if you muff 2 or 3 thats a low %. in soccer you MAY GET @ 6 CHANCES, if you fail, your a doofus!

  2. Why did you put @’s in your sentence? @=at So, “in football each team gets at 60 plays,” doesn’t make sense.

    1. I think to him (Molance) @ = “around”. A + Round Sign = AROUND. My best guess, but he’s still an idiot.

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