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  1. that was the most faggot ass music i ever heard…..ever, this and the 80s was the shitest decade’s recorded, hopefully dance, trance, pop, and death metal will die along with them

    1. im gonna let the others go off on you, just to give you an idear of how mutch of an idiot you realy are…i think nuckelhedd is an understatment for 1

    2. Your smoking grass or you weren’t even around during the 1980’s because the 1980’s rocked. We had disco, rock, metal, pop, fucking 3 Rambo movies, Return of the Jedi, Ronald Reagan, collapse of the Soviet Union, New York City was cleaned up (or at least Times Square), Doogie Howser MD, 90210, start of the Space Shuttle Program at NASA, and all of my teen years growing up and a whole lot of other excellent shit.

    3. well, this and the 80s was the shitest decade’s for music and hairstyles, films was the shit tho i must admit, i was never a stalone fan tho i was an arnold fan, the running man and predator to name a few, disco? common you gotta be kidding me right?

    1. Nuckelhedd, i think you fail to see where people are coming from, he means is it a fail because he’s seen them all, implying he never goes out…i bet you are one of those people that thinks he is realy smart and witty one step ahead of the rest. news flash, you’re not haha try assesing a situation before looking like a complete twat.

  2. I love it at the end of the video the gun is trying to do a burn out with his dodge neon and blows his motor and you can see all the oil coming out. Whys why I drive a honda, those motors never fail!

    1. You piece of crap…I mean, okay, I’m not a Dodge Fan…But you stupid don’t see, that the smog coming out of the hood is water and not oil…Drive Honda, Idiot…I drive Audi and BMW…Loser… 😀

  3. Not only did the background track stink, but the doucky mc dermot that put this compilation together, has no clue how to mix the clip audio into the whole so it can be heard. COMPLETE AND TOTAL NOOB FAIL ALL BY ITSELF…. Freaking amateur punks. Who the hell doesnt proof the vid before posting.

  4. new year, new fails, sadly most of these people are still around so the gene pool is more contaminated than ever lol.

  5. I wish they would repost it without the music track on it. The music kind of ruins it for me. It’s way too loud and I can’t hear the fails.

  6. Amusing video with some familiar fails but that ‘music’ is absolute balls… learn to play an instrument ffs.

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