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    1. your all sick and stupid for doin this! immature jus keeps comming…no one is worth cutting get over it you dont know him. stop acting like you will ever know him. he doesnt even like people like thiss. and if he wants to smoke weed, dammit let him its his life not YOURSSSS! GRWO UP all of you! mwah<3

  1. You should use that psychotic, manic depressive inspiration to cut that Bieber fuck into tiny piece. And of course kill yourself right after.

    1. I don’t get it either, but if I were him I go into hiding for a while. I’d be afraid of being shot by a crazed fan…

    1. whats wrong with emo? we cant all be boring “normal” people. and NO emo EVER woul like justin bieber!

    2. I’m not emo but I’m not normal or boring…and also I’m not a fan of him either….I only like his new song ‘boyfriend’…..

  2. (hopely) finally in a couple of years they manage to kill themselves. it’s called natural selection,it’a win for producing smarter new generations.

    1. i do wish all the “belibers” (dont care if i spelled it wrong!) would die, oooh, oooh, oooh! i just found out what it is!bieber used his evil powers to create an army of teenage girls and made them cut his name into their arms to identify them! i guess eminem (bad meets evil song “a kiss” where he says he dont give a damn about that bieber kid and evil just seeps from him or somethin like that) and that “the key of awesome” baby parody (the 666 on his scalp) were right! bieber wants to dominate the world,be warned people!

    1. You can’t watch your kids 24/7. This kid could’ve done this at night while everyone was asleep. *Tho if this had been my kid- I’d have grounded her for life.

  3. Is this chick fucking crazy?!?! Like wtf chick! I love Justin Bieber too but you don’t go carving it into your arm!!! Justin would be appalled…

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    how do you like it that he has a girl friend now and fucks her hahahahaa n0000b

  5. She should be offered help and not be made fun of. Also, stop blaming her parents for this. Cutting is common among depressed teenagers and very easy to hide from parents with the help of long sleeves. I hope her parents see this and realize she needs professional councelling, as this is clearly a cry for attention and help.

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