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    1. Put alittle gravy on your unit, I’m sure she’d suck it right off! As the guy said in the movie “role models” “I like the heavier ones they do more stuff” She must do alot of stuff.

    2. Personally, I’d give her some just because she seems to have a good personallity. Some people wouldn’t give me the same courtesy, though. Just because I would scull fuck assholes like Thor. But I’m still a nice guy. What can I do? Give up?

    3. Ah it’s some new age shit, mixing gut with cunt. Stupid really, IMO.
      Bet you got a nice one though. Just saying.

    4. Hmm. I’m that good, huh?
      Well, gunts and cunts are the main reason I have little respect for vegans. You gotta have some protein in your diet to stay up. If you’re gonna really work, you can’t fuck around with gay ass soy burgers all day like Thor would.
      A nice guh-cunt has plenty of protein.
      Bet you’re protein enriched.
      Mind supplementing my diet?

    5. Ha! Ha! I was being a smart ass but….I don’t know….still wondering what all that crap was earlier. Hmmmm??

  1. Lara this is your neighbor. Please stop doing power rolls in our front yard and shooting at our cat…….Also please mow your lawn!

  2. What dumb son of a bitch, sackless retard would lead her to believe that this is sexy?? Fat ass, with her front butt and exposing her fupa like that…

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