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    1. Coinficende isn’t a word, I think you mean “Confidence”. Learn how to spell if your going to make fun of someone.

  1. Picking up dogs and letting them sit on your lap like a human being creates anxiety, passive and agressive behavior, social problems with dogs and humans.

    Hence, those chicks are dumb.
    Their lucky it wasn’t a baby being picked up at the same time as the dog.

    1. No she wasn’t. Her skin is naturally green. She may in fact be an alien. Good job on noticing that. You should inform Fox Moulder.

    1. i agree, i almost went deaf. This plus the heart attack for the fright… internet is not good for your health.

  2. Isn’t this the kind of thing that Micheal Vick went to Jail for? So if he called it a play date between dogs then it should have been okay then?

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