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    1. Your girlfriend is very tired of you yelling “FIRST!!1!LOL” when having teh sex0rz with you. Plus, yelling it out so loudly wakes up your mom in the upstairs bedroom. Or would have woken her up if I wasn’t drilling her ass so hard at the time.
      ★ Yes, I score triple bonus points if your mother is deceased.

    2. That’s just what the “first” guy in line said when he was banging your ass. Also what the guy (as he came in your mouth) said at the front of the line to fuck your mouth. Funny how they both felt they were “first” too and at the very same time. I guess by the time it got to “tenth” no one cared any more.

  1. They are a freaking TATTOO “artist”…They dropped out of school because they knew too much and this was the only job they could get…Spelling? That shit is for conformist puppet bourgeios assholes that stayed in school and were not cool,,,

  2. Proof she doesn’t have a guardian angel. If she did he/she would’ve prevented her from getting that tattoo!

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