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    1. No, you must live with your fail. here it shall remained, forever embossed into the collective mind of the internet. So now you must go about your life, possibly even trying to forge yourself a normal existence. But no matter how normal your life may seem to passers by, you shall forever know, for the rest of eternity, that you have failed. No amount of comment deleting can rid you of that terrible shame.

    1. would of thought helmet, neck-brace and shock absorbers to prevent that kind of head trauma. human bodies can withstand surprisingly more than people think ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. “rock crawling” sort of the technical side of off roading, there is more to it then just hammering on the gas (like all those mud boggin fans)

  1. What?!? Some epic mayhem like this only gets 300 votes, yet a super fatty playing with his moobs gets close to a 1000 votes. I think everyone on this site are gay homosexuals.

    1. He gets more votes because he is more of a fail. This video was an accident whereas the fatty should be put down for the good of mankind. Also they aren’t voting because they like him, they are voting because they hate him.

  2. In Rock Crawling, this would be on of the toughest challanges at an event. Usually this sport is at a much slower pace where drivers have to make it through courses of boulders and hills.

  3. i was watching it like “no way thats a WIN not a fail” up until the point it carried on going and then i just laughed.

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