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  1. That was weird. Why did the motorcycle stop? It sounded like it revved up. And why did he lean? He almost lost a leg there. Any riders want to comment?

    1. He pulled in the clutch and thus lost power to the rear wheel. You should always push a bike up ramp. Either that or suck less at riding than this guy. ๐Ÿ˜›

    2. It was weird it was wide enough, he should have got up that in one quick power stroke I would say. I agree with that guy sounds like he bottled it and pulled his clutch. Either way, Fail. ๐Ÿ™

    3. Hm… ok… thanks catsup. I don’t know what “pulled in the clutch” means, but I understand your point that he simply did something wrong. Your second sentence resonates too. My wife said the same thing just now when I showed this to her… “Why didn’t he just push it up?”

    4. @ beakt: There is a lever on the handlebar that controls the clutch. Pulling the clutch lever by squeezing it disconnects the engine from the wheels. He probably got stressed and his natural instinct was to hold on tighter, causing him to inadvertently pull the clutch lever. Stress makes normally competent people make really terrible split-second decisions.

  2. every normal guy would think about what he is doing. Thatยดs what happens when you aint got enough brain to see this will go wrong!!
    But the bike is awesome!! It hurts to see something like that get scratches ;(

  3. It’s not hard to ride a motorcycle up those ramps. Just take it slow and have a person each side for stability if needed. Poor prep = dumped motorcycle.

  4. damn it he should of cushioned the bike with this leg! the surgery would probably cost less than repairing the dent.

  5. al-quaida has people lining up to blow themselves and this poor sucker can”t get his own pals to help him push a bike up a ramp!

  6. what the hell is he checking at :32, the turn signals? could this be some posing for the girls perhaps? you know, preparing for “throttle up” and all? -i’m sorry, this video is just too fucking funny and unneccessary for it to have ever happened. this will be my last post. promise. LOL!!!!

  7. If you have friends around and he had many you push a bike up a ramp. He could have made it if he had got a run and not pulled the clutch until he was in the truck but going up that ramp freaked him out and he tried to put his feet down.

  8. Ive done something close to that,only not dumping the bike. when i got the frond half in the back tire threw my ramp off. At least no one had a camcorder going.

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