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    1. hahahaah that’s right but it’s just that there’s more chances that this is in the Us…sorry buddies

    2. to HorrorFan: dear asshole, you’re probably just a dirty prick, I bet you don’t even know what’s the difference between British and english.

    3. wow @british girl , thts very stupid of you to just sit there and make comments about us americans, very immature , and childish , us americans are proud of who we are and you should really grow up cause , americans can atleast say any word right

    4. I’ve been to many states in the US and have never seen that. I have seen similar wile travelling over seas in both asia and europe but I didnt see it in the uk, though I’ve only been there once.

  1. You can tell how good looking this woman is by how long she has been waiting to get picked up at this bar. The kid fell asleep waiting. I guess its back to the shelter again son, maybe tomarrow Mommy will pick up some guy who will agree to give us money for the work I do with my mouth. Don’t hold your breath.

    1. Poor guy ( you’re certainly a male) you just don’t have anything else to do than attacking “british people” ..Thank’s a lot for making me laugh!

  2. well the good news is everyone the same regardless to were u go u got bitches sluts ass-wholes and many more so no one person is better n there’s always drunks

  3. hey i grew up at a bar, except i just slept at a table. when your parents work there, you gotta be some where…

  4. I spent a lot of time in pubs when I was growing up and besides borderline alcoholism and violent tendencies, I turned out just fine.

  5. blb97 can’t even write one small paragraph that makes sense. Learn proper grammar and punctuation…
    Another dumb fckn American – I’m sick of you people!

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