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    1. actually it was pretty bad i ate some vanilla ice cream and i guess that i turned another dude on so when i went for my second cone i dropped a quarter while i was paying and … anal kindom gave me anal scarring

    1. Juju Remember when i took you last year. You loved it. You ask me every morning to take you to anal kingdom. You love anal… Kingdom

  1. Lol. I love these kind of pic’s, and the ones where the picture is snapped mid-“OH!, SHIT!” lol, keep em coming!

  2. i bet u the guy taking the picture was like ok go to the left a little bit a little more ok go right just a little perfect, say cheese lol

  3. The glee in mom’s face, the jolt in dad’s lips, the overexcited two kids to try it for the first time… ahhh, the wonders of anal.

  4. I’ve been there! the rides are a bit painful the first time. Bring your own lube, you’ll need it and whip the seats off before you ride anything.

  5. I have been there and that photo was taken right where disneys photo pass professional photographers take pictures. I bet that was taken by one of the “pros” AND the family paid 150 bucks to get copiee…just like I did. Too bad my prints didnt have gold like this.

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