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  1. The fail was that the bull was put on the gentle cycle…. Should have thrown her 10 feet into the air the first 2 seconds LOL

  2. The guy at the end of the video “you gave a great show, want another ride? free beer”. I can read lips, but I couldn’t read hers while she was on the bull, if u know what i mean.

  3. It seemed to me like the guy at the end was her boyfriend giving her an earful for showing off her ass to the entire crowd, like a piece of meat on display. I hope he now knows it is online being fapped to by pervs.

  4. Dude with a bandana on his head…..Queer look alike WIN!!! Awesome Mechanical bull operator WIN!!! Sexy chick stupid enough to do that crap in a skirt WIN!! Butt shot WIN!!! Nice rack WIN!!!

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