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  1. people like this should have the happiest moment in their lives and while in the euphoria, be put down. quick & painless, their corpses could be useful for making bio-diesel

  2. Give it another week and you’ll see the resemblance. The girl will have turned her boyfriend gay, and he will have a cock in his mouth, just like Justin Bieber.

  3. Weird description of one’s self but she must be thinking it’s not a fail, but a win. “I am fat but I have a great bf- I WIN” 😀 anyway, I’ve got some questions: what does Henry think about her Bieber obsession and if her parents are on facebook (as we can see), isn’t she embarrassed to post “smoochie poo” stuff :D:D anyway, she’s trying to show off. fail

  4. I thought the girl was a boy and HE looks like JB (though its still faar away)

    But the girl and JB are the same gender :F

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