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  1. i live right by a white castle, and this shit happens all the time. i dont get it at all? who wants to get married here?

    1. What? Moulanians do nothing but drain all the tax dollars. Wouldn’t Martin Luther King be proud of what Ooogity Boogity’s have done with all his hard work. Photos like this are proof that they do it to themselves.

    2. No solution5050… you’re dead wrong there. Yes, there is a SHIT ton of white trash out there…. but very few qualify for state aid

    3. No Solutions, you have it mixed up….White folks pay the tax money way more than any other race!!!

    1. yeah she must be happy that shes going to get paid welfare and when she has like 7 kids get all that child support

    1. Where the hell did you go to school? Before blacks were used as slaves they tried and failed to enslave the native poeple of the region not white people

  2. my research brings me to this…. black people like chrysler 300 and dodge charger that they buy using welfare and the money thay steal and they get married at gay restaurants

    1. @Rob Only when you’re in a group. I’ve never had a black man talk shit to me one-on-one. Never.

    2. Looks like Dildo got his ass whooped left and right in high school. You can always tell who the whiny whiteys are.

      @whatamess – The same ESPECIALLY goes for whites. Face it, they’re the one race that’s scared of EVERYONE!

    3. @Solution5050-Yeah, that’s why Africa is one of the superpowers….oh wait, IT’S NOT. All the countries run by whites are though…strange, seeing how we’re all afraid of everyone…..

    4. @UninspiredRequiredName . like the USA , ran by whites and yet they cant get a budget together for California . Its been a year and none of them crackers can count past 10 to save their lives , thats why thee prop. was passed that everyday they are late in completing our budget , money get taken from their checks , hmmmm , that sound about right . but wait they cant count anyyways so they wont notice the difference. pahahaha .

    5. solution5050 its not whites that are afraid of everyone its Americans that are afraid of everyone! or paranoid, actually both….

    6. Well, Britain keeps sending over bitches like Amy Winehouse, of course were fuckin’ scared. If that’s what’s out there, I’m damn glad to be here.

    7. @whatamess, i dont think you have run across the right one yet.. Please don’t ever think for a moment that black folks need to be in a pack to whoop your ass, as a matter of fact a black woman would whoop your ass if the occasion is called for.. however, it is a fact, that punkass white men need to be in a pack to do what they call kicking ass, whether they are white or black..i’m just saying..
      oh and btw, your an idiot with no class or education.. People like you really have it all twisted. You uneducated, angry, poor white trash are the ones that is on public assistance.. not to mention that your own “people” dont want to be bothered with you.. smh at a race of ppl that love to talk about other races, but yet if your not in a certain “class” they wont even talk to their own.. your such a waste of skin..

    1. ooooh no i must say we are loved and much needed in this world , try us againg and we’ll bust a cap is yo asss like them black panthers .

    1. Yeah, Jesus won’t be happy when he sees how horrible your grammar is either. BTW, my family immigrated to this country AFTER the civil war, we never owned any slaves. It’s pretty racist for blacks to assume that all white people descend from slave owners. I don’t owe you shit, get over it.

    2. my neighbor asked me if i feel bad for what “we” did to the native americans. i asked,”what did ‘we’ do? actually win at the casino? because i didn’t take land away from anybody, that was done LONG before i came to this earth. be it through Karma or Christ, we are responsible and accountable for our OWN actions, not our ancestors’.

  3. I am a troll. And even I won’t disrespect the choice of venue for a couple. If they are committed to one another and don’t have the money for an elaborate reception, it doesn’t really matter.

    The only fail is the racist trailer park comments above. You probably have half of your original teeth and are married to your cousin.

    Now log off the computer and burn it because you are too stupid to have communication with other humans. When you are done,lock yourself in your car, stick a couple socks in the exhaust pipe and raise the average IQ of the world.


    1. Well Said Troll! Whom ever has to say anything about what u wrote must be cause the shoe fits. haha! Screw them. They say blacks live out of welfare…? Uuuh, sorry to dissapoint them but whites don’t make any differance. I see them everywhere asking for money. Enough is Enough! All I go to say is KARMA is the BIGGEST bitch I know. I bet KARMA will make all those White trailer TRASH, eat their own nonsense miserable words!

    2. yea agreed there is nothing wrong with a little fun but it seems that people pull deep from they’re emotional closet and start hating badly

  4. Now I wanna Taco Bell wedding, with a KFC reception, Then we’ll go to Ihop to munch off the 40’s we drank earlier.

    I wonder if they threw crack & dope vials instead of rice??

    Was the hours devours(french for snack) on the dollar menu??

    They’d save money if they got the chicken bucket at KFC.

    Do you think they were getting job applications- interview for the honeymoon??

    1. if theyre getting married in white castle they obviously
      wont have money to waste on crack & dope vials yu twit

    1. Hmmm…. monkeys have straight hair
      monkeys have thin lips
      monkeys have light eyes
      monkeys ARE basically hairy
      monkeys have pale skin under their fur

      Oh…. NOW I see what you’re talking about. LOL

  5. You know, the picture proves the point. We’re all just spouting off obvious things about people. And in the end we’re all just people. We all act differently, and there’s always someone who’s going to think it’s wrong or trashy or stupid. Why get mad? That’s just life, and you don’t have to let the ideas or opinions of others dictate what you do in life. This whole thing is just stupid.

  6. lol not that it really matter im sure some1 will say somethin stupid but im half black and my stepbrother is black and he’s going to MIT buddy and does not fit into stereotypes so why dont u stop living in your moms basement and go get a life kiddos, just bcuz u got picked on and ur gfs stolen by ignorant black kids in school dont make everyone bad

  7. @yo momma , yea in a starbucks you cant even turn completely around in . They should take away free wifi and use the money on making starbucks bigger !

  8. i wanna get married at white castle. them mini burgers is the shit. give them and some dimebags out. hell of a wedding right there. and i’m white so fuck all yall.

  9. I guess Popeye’s Chicken was closed that day. I said it once and I will say it a million times before I die. Black People, you do it to yourselves.

  10. @WhiteKnight

    Well said. I always wondered why some people can be so insultive and hateful. Your right, cuz these people have a small dick and they can’t satisfy a woman or a girl

    1. And you must be a nigglette because you wrote “dat” instead of the proper phrase “of that”.
      Its okay. We understand that you’d rather be doing hair or nails than attending school. No one blames you for being born a nigglette. We “white folk” blame the system for bringing your people here in the first place.
      We should just give you all the freedom you want and send you to Africa so you can be with your own kind. I know, that’s pretty generous of me to suggest such a kind action. Reuniting two groups back in their land of origin.

      Now… go STFU you dumb nigglette.

    2. I am with stupid here I blame the system(white folk) for trying to enslave something they feel is below them. Their motto ” if you can’t enslave, kill” also valid in Texas

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