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    1. I was thinking the same thing… it amazes me how often people forget to put themselves in someone elses shoes.

    2. dnt mean to be obsessive but dnt say jap its a bit offensive to japanese people as thats wat american soldiers called japanese people during WWII and they said it in a derogative manor. also if people learn how the japanese language is said and pronounced people would understand why her accent is a bit different and would be less likely to make fun of her.

  1. The fail here is that she is friends with a “jack ass” that would use the video like this, I mean she is learning a second language, that is not a fail…

    1. I agree. I speak Japanese and I totally can see why she used different words to describe things then we do, since when you directly translates things, some words are different. Like, how you use different phrases to describe different things.

      Now if her native/usual language was English, then this would probably be fail, unless she had some sort of disorder or retarded (medically speaking) in a way.

    1. scat is typical of brazilians, if you’re going to mock someone, at least get it right.

      p.s. yes i watch porn, but i watch scat if your mom’s in it hahaha.

  2. this is something that you english natives will never feel… try to learn to speak in a different language….. not funny at all…. i’d like to c u doing the same in spanish for instance without using words as Tacobell, cerveza or another shit that u learn from tv….

    1. No Prob:

      El Titanico is a boato. Juan and Rosa muy…muy amore…Fucko. El Titanico hit el glaciero, nosotros sinko. Except Rosa. Big ass diamondo.

      El Fin.

    2. Jack se levanto y se subio a un barco, se enamoraron, fue golpeado por un iceberg, todo el mundo cayo en el agua y hacía frio. se hundio y murio gato…2 years of high school spanish…..oh ya and hahahahaha @ el guapo WIN

    1. I guess you can call that stereotypical, but it’s not like those types of houses are rare in Japan.

  3. Aight genius. Try to speak in Japanese with no fucken errors/ stutters, and shit. It is too obvious English is not her 1st language, Stupid!

    1. why would we do that, this is america, no one speaks japanese here, and speaking of errors – its Fucking not fucken

    2. Umm “FUPA” this is the internet meaning its world wide + we all know its a matter of time untill japan fucks america up (and i am not just talking about the Toy and Cartoon market you guys have been raped by them for years in that respect)

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