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    1. What is your pleasure to pretend you’re a female, you freak? We all know you have a fucking dick although ball-less. gtfo pls.

    2. OMG! a fountain of shit’ve just extracted through you mouth, poor boy. It’s just an expression, that shows uselessness of that kind of male’s activity

    3. Its only guys that do it because only guys have balls.. even tho it hurts it doesnt hurt as bad for females if they do it.. but the reality is male or not it is “only” stupid people that do this! i had a friend that was into the sacktap bullshit for a minute but other than that i have never intentionally hit or slammed my own balls on anything! however i thank the wastes of space that enjoy this crap because we need the stupid gene gone to better the human race! if only racist fucks did this shit too!

    1. if it was real, he wouldnt be walking around, iv had less of a knock to the ball’s and dropped, feeling sick as a dog

    2. He looked back at the camera right after his first reaction. It didn’t hit his leg, this dude just has a small penis.

  1. It’s funny how he’s pretending that it hurt him so bad. I saw him at a whore house one night getting his nuts stomped on by a chick that weighed 300 pounds and wearing combat boots and he was loving every minute of it.

  2. Here’s what he got right: 1:Yes, hose goes to hydrant.
    2:Hydrants only accept up to 4″ hose, and he appears to fit that standard.
    Here’s what he got wrong: 1:You need a FEMALE coupling to attach to the hydrant, not a MALE.
    2:The nuts and bolts are already on the hydrant, so you don’t need to add your own.
    3:There are no hydrant ports on the rear of the hydrant.

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