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  1. I’m not sure what happened. Why did the drummer stop? I thought at first the guitarist had messed up, but he wouldn’t have stopped… he would have kept it up and hoped he got back into it. Same for the bassist. But the bassist seems to be just looking at the floor, and the drummer seemed like he finished his riff and started to get up. Was the song supposed to be over? And the guitarist just didn’t finish it off, and that’s why he got slapped? That’s one thing… but if the whole band just quit because he got lost, that’s a fail on the whole band.

  2. im guessing he was making an attempt at some kind of a solo maybe? i dont know what the hell that was supposed to be, but that bitch slap was awesome!

  3. Must be like: “And then i do my assolo” “No! Follow the song and stop! “No! i want to do it” “STFU u suck play the song and stop!”…and…

  4. lol .. u guyz didnt notice?try to look at the guitarist he keeps on looking at his members everytime he makes a mistake before he got slapped when he was going to solo he fucked it up.. and the bassist was pulling the guitar chord out from his bass so he can smash it to the guitarist i think haha .. wtf .. their guitarist really sucks .. despite he looks old and should have been better

  5. im guessing the vocalist got pissed because the dude was standing like right in his face blocking him and was too thick to realise it

  6. Yeah The Bloke Did A Poor Job…Maybe Nervousness…Maybe He Just Sux, But If My Mates Hit Me On Stage Like That I’d Went 2 Jail For Assault W/ A Deadly Guitar. *lol*

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