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    1. so i was watching this and i was 1 min into this. i was thinking on how i was going to comment. maybe say “Leave this old man alone hes in love, just let him be who he is..” is what i was thinking…

      so at 2:00 i saw him talking to a tool.. i think this guy is psychotic..

      i also don’t understand that mask..
      tool for a phone? he should of got a cellphone.. 😐

  1. This guy has been stalking the girls in this band for years. He claims this was for fun, but at the same time, he says those girls are the only thing on earth that keep him from killing himself. He’s not stable.

    1. well, if those girls are the only thing keeping him alive, then sadly we should just kill the girls… lol

  2. Mail order bride obsession…
    Trying to prove he is wanted by other mail order brides.. hot stuff..

    Maybe he could use those pliers to tighten the screw he has loose….

  3. Poor, sad man. I have a tear in my eye for his loneliness, please. dear Lord, do not let me become this sad and alone…

  4. Someone needs to hook him up with that fuckin crazy nasty 1 toothed monster that was singing “talk dirty to me”.
    Talk about some weird crazy shit…. They’d be perfect for each other.

  5. I was starting to stop watching it after that kiss but then the picture of her head on a stick appeared and all i could think was “That’s her possible future if she gets near this guy”. So I have to keep watching, I might be called as a material witness as one of the few who managed to watch the entire thing…

  6. Just a couple of points here: I too have gotten many calls on my channel lock pliers…I mean come on…who hasn’t? Lol He is one creepy strange bastard and I I’m truly surprised that wasn’t her severed head on that stick aaannddd if I was forced to be with him the only things I’d let him buy me would be a vibrator and a lock for the bedroom door!

  7. Fucking halarious and creepy all at once , what a nutjob. he’s so good at playing the part of a psychotic stalker that i dont think he’s pretending…lmao!!

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