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  1. First! – I’d say this is a snow clearing win. minimum effort,no damage done, and a broken fall into snow. WIN!

    1. wow, i like those people wanting to reverse every fail into a win…, don’t use internet arithmetics here, a fail is a fail is a fail and should still be considered as a fail.

  2. hahahaha, Hahahaha, HAHAHAHA, lalala, HAHAHAHA, hahahaha, lalala, blah blah blah, Hahahaha, hahaha, HaHaHaHA…

    Which language is this?

  3. I once tried to remove snow from my roof using a flame thrower… ’twas pretty cool at first but it started to suck pretty hard when that whole crap caught fire… ah, the good old days…

  4. In Soviet Russia, snow removes you.
    But honestly, the guy finished fast, he was even laid down to the floor, so he spared the energy of using the ladder. He enjoyed a free slide.
    I fail to see the fail.

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