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    1. Dude you idiots its a joke answer he asked a retarded question so who ever made the answer was messing with him

    2. yeah +1 da nitty gritty ^^ except if it’s a really young kid … then the answer is really innapropriate ^^ i really loled ^^

  1. i hope she’s joking about that 1 inch dick thing otherwise she needs to see a doc, iv done my fare share of “gynecology” and i aint never seen that shit lol and if i do, fuck it i dont know what id do lol

  2. Smdh, first.. woman very very rarely have hemophilia, do to our chromosomes, and when we do, it usually mutates to another type of blood disorder. it is prominent in men.. And Ive never got water up in my cooch unless i deliberately put it in there(douche) and we all urinate through out urethra’s woman’s is just a whole lot shorter than a mans(his extends to the tip of his u know what..) lol smh shoot the question’er and the answer’er plz!!! lol does anyone pay attetion in class anymore???

    1. Really? ur arguing about the answer …obviously there was sarcasm involved in the answer to tose questions ur a douche …and nobody cares about you washin ur nasty coochie out oh yea and since you’re so up to date on cootchies have you learned that douches are tremendously harmful to them oh yea you would actually have to have a brain to comprehend thatsorry

  3. GRRRRRRRRRRRR THESE AREN’T FAILS, THEY ARE JOKES! Jesus Christ people, anyone who can’t see that whoever posted this question was joking is FUCKING RETARDED.

  4. He definitely has never opened an anatomy book.
    His questions made her imagination run wild. stupid question stupid answers. I wonder what he did with that type of info?

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