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  1. I’ve never understood why women make a face like a duck in photos… the woman above is pretty hot but when she pulls that face she looks like her dad was her brother.

    1. What’s with these LOUD fucking interactive ADS ?!?!?! C’Mon epicfail smarten up. This is why I don’t come here anymore.

  2. You would have to have a dick longer than you pinkie for that to happen, you moron.

    Fucking numbnuts with this “I’d hit it” shit. Drop dead with you limp dick self!

  3. Why every women in the world do the same ugly duck face ?????????????????? Maybe it’s called the SSS “Self Shot Syndrom” ^^

    1. it’s a fad, like taking a photo of urself in the mirror. cause ppl will copy everything other ppl do to fit in. & yeah, duckface makes them look fugly.

  4. did anyone think that this might make her face look better than before, in reality, this probebly compliments her.

  5. Actually. . She’s not even doing the duck face. She’s doing more of a kissy face. Just puckering her lips. Or maybe both ?

  6. Every dumb bitch that does that stupid ass duck face in photos should be punched in the face right then and there. Hell, that rule deserves it’s own amendment. Why don’t women realize how retarded they look when they do that?

  7. Definitely a HE. I know this person. These photos were stolen and photoshopped. It’s a gay dude. You can pretty much see the adam’s apple, morons.

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