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  1. I submit a picture of my buddy, passed out shitting on the toilet, with black sharpie written all over him and it doesn’t get posted, but this gay ass video of two fat turds wrestling ….. common

  2. A poor showing. Perhaps if they’d had dildos in their butts it would have helped the situation. And blood spewing from the kid’s nose as he cried for his mother to save him from the boring, giggling horror that is his life.

    1. No they are just children, parents expect them to be dumb for a few more years. You on the other hand, should really make sure, when talking shit about another, that being an adult you actually have a grasp of the English Language. Since you do not, it must mean your parents are quite “proud” of their high school dropout. See how I used the word “their” in that sentence instead of using the word “there” as you did. It is also disappointed dumbass, not dissapointed. By the way, one must ask, how disappointed is “dissapointed as FUCK” you ignorant bastard.

    2. Hey Top Dog… Nice try on being a smart ass, but how about using a question mark at the end of your questions, and not using run on sentences? It must really suck trying to correct others, and actually make a dumb mistake. How about you try this: By the way, one must ask, how disappointed is “dissapointed as FUCK”? You ignorant bastard. The two of you seem to be from the same high school dropout group. Next time don’t be a douche, and try to sound smarter than you actually are. Nice try though.

  3. the gay in the red shirt is very excited and happy that the guy in the white shirt has come to his parents basement to visit.

  4. why does everyone keep saying this is gay it’s just your two average foolish teens dicking around with each other who says a guy can’t amply rest his sack on the back of his friends head without being ridiculed come on there is no funny business going on here….

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