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  1. Do hot girls really have that one fat chick that they hang out with? That seems to be the trendy thing to do nowadays.

    1. yea its so they can look even hotter its actualy science…lets say thers 3 girls one looks “ok” the other no offense but is realated to jabba the hut and the third is hot as hell…no picture them walking down the street…who gets the most attention from the guys?As for if there all hot there all getting about the same amount of attention…case close

    1. Stupid racist prick.
      I’m pretty sure when you get fucked up the ass by your dad at night, he doesn’t fit.


    2. LOL! Yep…Its the black chick. LMAO! UR NUTS! I personally think it’s a cute picture.

  2. Terrible. I like a joke as much as the next guy but because someone is overweight doesnt mean they are a failure! That really is too bad that people have this opinion.

  3. old news. 5 girls, one fat. simply means, one is a bride to be, the other 4 bridesmaids. go look it up. every bride to be gets one fat chick in her bridal party to make the bride look thinner.

  4. Awful, whats wrong with the cheeks on the one next to fatty mcfats? they all look pretty banged up in the face except for Blue. I would bang all of them though except fatness and punch them in the face after.

    1. cheeks… what cheeks. Oh I was looking at that great rack and never noticed her face. Who would.. unless.

  5. the big one is actually the prettiest one. the rest of them are FUGLY. honey, you can lose weight, but THEY can’t lose UGLY.

    1. that iz the 4. newton rule. behind every hot chick u find one or more ugly chicks.
      just ignore them as harsh as they did when u were a beginner.

  6. i think the “fitting in fail” thing has run its course. there’s always 4 chicks and a fatty. maybe the first 2 ever posted were real, but now everyone is catching on and posing the pics just to send them in. the FAIL is on the people that still think these pics are real.

  7. this is discriminatory
    i mean, it may be a fail, but it’s a really little one
    i don’t see the point of submitting it: it’s not funny and it’s not even interesting.

    why do you have to be so cruel?

    btw: i’m not fat at all, so that makes me even more sympathetic

  8. The brilliance of the comments outshine the fail once again. A perfectly boring picture that arises a grade school sense of humor.

  9. I can’t beleive this, FAT people are fun so what’s the problem of having a fat friend. Differences makes u richer; Let’s hope not everyone is as superficial as this!!

  10. why do fat girls think they can be like this? the only thing the do is make everything around them hotter. they are ugly pieces of shit and should die, i hate them, especially the ones that take pictures of themselves in the mirror and try to do a sexy pose. i’m sick of it. DIE YOU FAT FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Really who the fuck cares if she’s fat, it’s America, nearly everyone here is over 250 pounds now anyway. I bet a third of people that go on this shit are 300 fucking pounds hahaha

  12. Personally, I think the bigger woman is a hell of a lot more sexy than the chick in green. I Mean, dude, look at her face! Puke!

  13. From left to right: Sexy legs, pretty face; sort-of-sexy legs; sexy legs, cute face; sexy legs and BOOBS; and AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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