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  1. Biggest Fail—— The piss ass sounding British Accent. Everyone here knows what I mean when I say everytime a person hears that sound, they desire sandpaper scratching their eardrum.

    1. Sir I do not have quite the slightest idea as to what you mean.
      what-ho chaps who sayeth that the American accents are no better?

    2. Better than the whiney-ass American accent. If you’re gonna steal our language you’d have though the least you could do would be to speak it properly. But no.

    3. Troll? Oh boy, did you think that one up all on your own? Such a clever little fag you are. Are all UK pansies as smart as you? I still stand by what I posted, the British accent is likened to rubbing sandpaper on your eardrum, absolutely painful to hear. Sounds like a wounded duck trying to call for help.

    4. i must admit, this type of english accent fuckes me off, the REAL english accent is/was eastend Cockney, this type sounds like the pussy ass sussex accent that will move to america and make americans think we dont know what a closed fist looks like, twats.

    5. We’re all feeding the troll… but it’s hard to resist when someone is bashing your country. Retorting in kind isn’t much better though! Some a’merkin accents are hot.
      Yes, people have different accents. Get over it ‘top dog’ although I suspect you’re more like bottom dog. Eating shit out of peoples’ bottoms.

    6. Americans… Bush brainwashed you totally… or if you guys were already this way, then you must be one of those texan retards 😛 Everyone on Earth knows that most Americans are paranoid and so self-centered.

    7. Top Dog, thankfully not all Brits sound like the twat in this video. WTF did he expect that girl to do….his voice made her slam her face in to the door.

    8. I’m English (Welsh, Scots, Irish and in fact the vast majority of England do not have a proper English accent) and I fucking love the sound of my own voice. Your mum loves it too.

    9. What the fuck is a British Accent?? Don’t comment on something you know fuck all about knob-head.

    10. I love British accents… But then again Im not Closed Minded to Different cultures and languages. ijs***** WHY IS his voice bothering you(TOP DOG) so bad, the video was on the chick hitn her head. (ARE YU LOOKING FOR SOME OTHER ATTENTION?)

  2. Yeah I’m english but that little soppy cunt sounded like he needed a slap. Good on the girl for trying to kill herself with blunt force trauma to her head, death is a better option than listening to that little pussy.

  3. She passed out, out of shear boredom from her retard boyfriend trying to impress her with his knowledge on cabinet hinges. What a retard. To tell you the truth, I kinda blacked out too and I’m not even drunk.

  4. This is why stupid bitches shouldn’t drink. She needs to get clean and go get an education so she can learn about the way alcohol disperses throughout your blood system throughout time. TWO DRINKS IN AN HOUR GIRL, NOT FIVE.

  5. I’d pass out too if I had to listen to much more of this gaybob’s metaphysical, transcendental, existential bullshit about door hinges.

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