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  1. She sucked down too much helium. She starved her brain of oxygen and passed out probably destroying some brain cells in the process. If you have a weak heart or something like that it can kill you or make you pass out until you get oxygen to your brain again. See how blue her lips were?

    1. Cool.

      Anyway. Yeah bitch deserved it -_- sucking up 98% helium she’s probably dead in eastern europe right now

    2. lol at AFROMAN…..TALKING TRASH ABOUT THE EASTERN EUROPE.well stfu and go dance a little more around the campfire,maybe the rain will come

    3. @Ryohei: Well yeah, can’t deny that… I’m not into underage gals though…nevertheless it would’ve been funny, doncha think so?

    4. @Afroman: thats in norway which is in NORTHERN-Europe, but i’m sure you know that with your Ph.D degree 🙂

    5. If you breathe pure helium for 15 seconds you will die. The only legal and convenient euthanasia method available. Don’t EVER breathe in helium.

    6. @ Henry Mankini : No, sure its dangerous for inhaling helium for that long but if your brain doesnt receive a certain amout of oxygen for nearly 6 minutes, it shuts down completely and you die. It is safe the breathe in helium as long as there is enough oxygen around or if its a small amount/ not inhaled for more than 3-5 secs.

    7. @Keith : I’m sure her lips were blue-ish from lip stick/ lip gloss. lol i honestly dont think she lacked oxygen long enough

  2. The oxygen deprivation killed the “sandwich making” neurones, and the head trauma killed the “don’t poo in the kitchen” neurones, she’s a tomato now.

  3. goddamn, you stupid euro-trash retards can’t see she is about to pass out? hitting her head like that can be bad. what a bunch of idiots for letting her fall.

  4. I hope she is ok. I hate when people hurt themselves through misadventure. Sucking Helium is more dangerous than I knew as a kid. I did it a few times for the funny voice but I wouldn’t do it again. And I wouldn’t allow my nieces or nephews to do it.

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