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  1. lol. its just like the white people vid except 3 months later. blacks are getting closer to whites, except this guy will lose his parental rights lol

    1. Yeah little kids getting smashed in the face is so funny… [/sarcasm]
      ah well thanks for making me feel a million times better about myself. It must suck to be you if watching little kids get hit in the face makes you laugh.

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    3. Win for EB and Scooby. Fail for you dpimp this shit was hilarious and bieber is a girl and if ur testicles are empty there really is something wrong with you or your just another transvestite crawl back into your hole and get some sense of humor or fucking Die and take bieber with you

    1. Fucking Child never Inturrept a Kinect Game from Your Daddy Anyway you got pwned and still got the Mark THE FREAKING SCREAM SOUNDED LIKE A FUCKING SIREN!

  3. Never Inturrept a Game of Kinect Of Mortal Kombat Daddy VS The Baby Fatal Death to Baby And R.I.P Baby FINISH HER OFF MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!

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