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    1. Both of you learn how to spell. Bitch…. B-I-T-C-H. How says ‘biotch’ any more any way??? LAME

    2. Amm, @sexyblueeyes, it’s not “How”, it’s “Who”, so don’t correct people if you don’t know English better then them… XD

    3. um @anothafail, it is “better THAN them” not then. look who doesn’t know how to use proper English now.

    4. umm @Abby, “capitalise first letter in a sentence, its Look not look”. Does anyone know how to use proper Englihs.

    5. @Forestkrump. Do you know how to spell English? This is fun. Let me do one: Does anywun now how to right in this string uf comentz?

  1. Well the people who calls this a fail, is a fail..It’s a joke.

    Should it not be a joke, the people, in the country in which this picture was taken, must be the most stupid humans on the planet.

    1. oh yeah definatey a joke. that is the kind of humor they have in ikea ads and commercials too..

    1. Could be true. Most disclaimers are as a result from some idiot. Like “Don’t stick hand in Hot Oil” warnings in fast-food restaurants

  2. Yes, IKEA sells food. Fast food. Its from Sweeden but i saw it here in Switzerland too. All over Europe and about the picture, no comments.


    Oh… you did… dammit, id never had guessed otherwise…

  4. Oh yeah! This is where I shine. This isn’t an advertising fail. As fucking retarded as society is, this is a smart move. I can imagine some stupid piece of shit suing that place because the fucking hotdogs weren’t “as advertised”. So suck it! You brought in on yourselves, fuckers.

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