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    1. I did and they were a homeless man AND your father, before I boned him good. Your father is good, better than your mother, but when does she have time, with all of the biker gangs, crack houses guys, navy ships, dogs, donkeys and you that she fucks every day.

  1. The “person” on the right is a GUY.

    The person on the left is a brainless whore with fake blue eyes, fake blond hair and fake cocksucker lips.

  2. Literally don’t get why girls do this. It’s like putting a flashing neon sign across your head saying ‘Trashy, Fake Whore Looking For Douchebag To Screw”

    1. i think that’s why they do it, you should be gratfull, otherwise you’d have all the douchbags following you.

    1. 1. I am not a Jew. ( why would that matter anyway?)
      2. Even if I did know them, I’d still say they look like morons. Come on! LOOK AT THEM!
      They look ridiculous!

    2. You racist piece of shit!
      What are you? Some skinhead who gets his rocks off by insulting others’ heritage?
      You bloody hypocrite! You go around telling people off for insulting someone they don’t know and here you are insinuating that being a Jew is a bad thing.

  3. The girl on the left has a chance at being pretty if her lips werent so effed up looking…
    the one on the right has no chance of even looking human anymore.

  4. wtfffffff okay amanda your the ugliest girl ver so how about u stop being an immature little bitch like wtf. danielle your gorgeous. you can probs sue amanda for doing this. like wtf who does shit like this. what a bitch. kick the shit outta her please. your gorgeous danielle and amanda your DISGUSTINGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  5. You all realize her lips are just puckered right? She didn’t have surgery on them obviously. But the dude on the right? Major fucking fail.

  6. duckface=FAIL in all languages, cultures, even solar systems
    you chicks GOTTA STOP IT
    it’s a huge flashing sign saying DUMB ATTENTION WHORE
    CUM N GET IT BOYS (girls, animals, vegetables)

  7. Why do women draw eyebrows like retards after shaving their natural ones off..and why do they insist on altering their mouths to resemble a baboon’s ass?

  8. What’s wrong with these females? I hope to think that the majority of people in America thinks that this look is very unbecoming.

  9. Who cares what face she makes in a picture? She could’ve just done it to be funny. She’s really pretty and other girls are talking shit because even when they aren’t among a silly face they are beat lol. @BigFail way to epically fail and your incredibly stupid joke hahahha fucking retard.

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