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    1. I like how America’s Funniest Videos is on in the background. They probably wanted to send this to them. Fake losers.

    1. This is obviously a bunch of guys commenting, because blood is not hot pink. It is very dark red or brown. It looks like marker.

  1. I posted this lol its a picture I came across on my friends friends fb they have more and I dont think its real blood it looks like nail polish but I thought it was terrible so I posted it haha I bet the parents are going to be like wtf….

  2. wow. fail for trying to make a red marker or nail polish (or whatever it is) look like blood (: i should no… im a girl

  3. for one this is dumb and two really youre going to humiliate youre own kid like this…good parenting idiots

    1. EW FAKE!

      Now if it had been real… =D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D!!!!

      Anyway, so tell us, how do you use those really big vibrating penis shaped sticks?

  4. wow, so i am browsing through fails and i come across this picture…of my son! me and my brother made this and stuck it on my grandma as well. it is nail polish and it is just as funny now as it was then… suck on it haters!!!

  5. Parenting fail! Poor kid when he grows up and finds out that his parents made heartless fun of him in front of the whole world, when he was just a little defenseless child. Imagine when he´s a teenager and all of his friends tease him for this… Shame on you, parents. 🙁

  6. And really, kaylee, if this is truly your son, why is he so dirty? Shouldn´t you be taking care of him and cleaning up that mess on the floor instead of playing with pads like a 5-year old kid? Grow up and take care of your poor offspring! Trash!

  7. what fucking hillbilly, inbread cocksucking whore would smear lipstick on a maxi pad and then……..yeahhh, parenting fail ftw.

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