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  1. Is this also a Gender Identification fail? First look, it’s a guy. Second look I notice flowery shirt. Now I don’t know if I should laugh or jerk off.

    1. Lol you might wanna hold up on jerkin yourself- look at how big his hands are!
      Unless that’s your thing…….in which case jerk away! 😉

  2. This is clearly a parenting WIN. He has done something wrong, so as punishment… flowery shirt, and grandpa haircut. Makes sense to me. Next time, maybe he’ll realize the fork goes on the LEFT, stupid.

  3. This is actually really sad. To someone like me who has volunteered in group homes, it’s obvious that this is a young girl with mental retardation. Whether it’s her parents or caregivers, she is obviously very scared about getting her haircut, she’s probably autistic.

    She is not the FAIL, it’s those 2 arseholes giving her that horrific bowl cut when they obviously have no clue what having a hairstyle even means.

    Diatribe Win!

  4. I really don’t see this as a fail.
    The way I see it this person who is getting the hair cut has some sort of mental retardation and still needs the parents to get a hair cut. Maybe she’s autistic or whatever.

  5. as far as im concerned, these douche bags are just saving 9 bucks on a haircut. that’s a win to me. it’s not like a profession hair cut alone is suppose to salvage this assholes looks.

  6. I would slap the shit out of them and tell them I either get a professional haircut and cool clothes or I let the hair grow.

  7. HAHAHA ugh…. I too was forced to have atrocious hair cuts when I was younger. My mom had horrible fucking taste too. 🙁

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