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    1. Hey lemon
      Why did you steal my name? Am I that special to you? Do you need a hug now?
      Recipe for Identity: Write home, call your mom, join a group, and fetch me a sandwich, bitch

  1. I believe it’s a statue meant to commemorate the oppression of the black man by the white man’s insistence that he take care of his bastard babies. Very well done. Quite a poignant scene.

    1. Well it has a small penis. Definitely a white guy. Probably depicting the typical white guys need to belittle and demean any and everyone, even little innocent babies. I’m just saying……

    2. LOL! Hillarious! I think you hit a nerve with “Me” as his response sounded upset and nonsensical. Not sure where “Demeaning innocent babies” or anything like that was in your original comment. I guess it just makes your wit funnier when you have a slow witted person commenting a few lines down.

    3. What’s the difference between a black man and a park bench? A park bench can support a family…

  2. I’m not sure why you think this is a fail? It’s a fun statue in a park full of them. Funny, yes; fail, no.
    Some of the statues are also quite moving and some very beautiful. It’s worth a visit if you appreciate art.

  3. No this picture depicts how amazing it is for men with small penises to have kids!His sperm had to travel a farther distance than most men.

  4. It’s the statue “Man attacked by Genii”, which shows an adult male, fighting off a horde of putti-like mythological figures. So they are not babies, they are Genii’s.

  5. WTF does this symbolize? And why every epic failure got to be about a black person? Leave the racism out, we are here for fun no need to put anotha race down dont you all think its time to end that shit?

    1. The statue is of the artist and it is about him avoiding his family and pushing them away as he work on his art.

  6. Strange statue indeed. It’s sculpted well, and why does it have to symbolize anything. It’s art, art is made for many reasons and only one of them is to symbolize a particular idea or theme. Google Gustav Viegland some of his other stuff is spectacular, check out the Monolith for one!

  7. God you’re stupid….. this is a statue of Vigeland, it’s a whole series that describes life, in this particular part it’s about people going crazy from their children, and it’s true, so stop acting stupid and get some education/culture

  8. Sorry, my English isn’t all that great, the statue is about people struggling to manage raising all the children…something like that

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