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  1. O M G.. watch does hairy forarms.. Thats the most scary thing. Ok, the Libs are nasty as well.. but the arms.. im never gonna sleep again.

    1. DUCK FACE zomg so hot, guys dont hate on this beautiful girl she has feelings too :'(

    2. Look grow up bub. There is such thing as hair on a female. Retard. Not everyone is fake and pretends and shaves. Plus being Italian and dark haired it sucks. I’m German and actually had a friend commit suicide over people like you making fun of her. You and all your kind are assfucks. The point of the pic is the LIPS not libs. True moron. How old are you? Ten? You and “Big Fail” really need to grow up and get the fuck over it. Stop looking at and getting off on drawm things and blowup dolls. You make men look like bastards. Hairy arms really? Hair’s everywhere. Hm are you even old enough to have your first pubic hair yet? Hm wonder if you’re one of those females that think saying something that’s genetic makes your ugly fuck face feel better…? Really-my brain hurts reading how retarded people are.

    3. Yes if you are a chick with hairy arms make like the Van Halen song and “jump”! From a bridge…

    1. i wouldn’t even touch that with a ten foot long pole, imagine all the venereal diseases she probably has. your dick would probably fall off if she gave you a bj.

  2. Did she get a lip burn from sucking on a curling iron or something? What causes that? Maybe she did her own injections. Maybe she mouthed off and got socked in the mouth. She looks like she’s got some ‘tude. Yes those ape arms are gross! A bet the “carpet” is a shag as well.

    1. The point is the lips-guess what anyone of European descent it can’t be helped. A friend commited suicide over assfucks like you. Grow up. You’d be one of those people thinking you’re so damn adult cause you finally got your first pubic hair

    1. Grow the fuck up moron-remember that next time someone’s on the verge of suicide cause of fuckfaces like you. When you grow your first pubic hair feel proud….really people you are all morons it’s called being dark and Italian.

    2. @spongebob fan…i’ve read a few of your comments about you raging over people who suggest that dark hair on the arm is unruly. I totally understand that you are upset over your friend’s untimely suicide and you have my condolences. But these people commenting the photo have just as much right to express that they just dont appreciate that fact about some women as others. I, myself, am from euro decent and am quite naturally hairy myself, but i do remove most of it because of hygiene and cosmetic reasons. The people commenting the picture are not responsible for your friend’s passing, and you shouldn’t really flare your hot tempered language at someone for that.
      All in all, her lips are quite disgusting…

  3. Her lips are so pumped full of cosmetic shit that they can’t even fucking close. When you can slip pennies into your lips when their closed, when you can see the design, somethings wrong.

    1. I noticed that too..but didn’t want to spoil everyone else’s revulsion/fun lol. Good eye!

  4. What is with these girls and the plastic surgery, why can’t they just be themselves? It’s so stupid, make up is much more easier than just making yourself look like someone else by having plastic or whatever in your goddamn face! -.- And stop with the boob jobs, if you want bigger boobs, USE SOME DAMN SOCKS!

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