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    1. james really?…. look closer my dude…unless you just like grundgy broads. and yall failed to check the dirty mirror……..the paint job above the tub…….what is IN the tub? and what is the discoloration around the sink… it isnt the same discoloration int he tub… soooooo..-blink-

    2. ApHrO!!!! I love your explanation here of whats distastefully wrong in this picture…I was dyin! hahahaha!

    1. wow. that previous comment is ignorant and disgusting. don’t assume this picture is from mexico… assinine jerk

  1. its actually sulfur from well water. certain neighborhoods in certain cities have it. i used to live in a house that had it and it smells like sulfur and it leaves rust in your hair. i wouldnt call this a fail considering that hundreds of thousands of ppl have well water in the united states.

  2. THAT IS DAMN TRIFLING TO HAVE SUCH A NASTY ASS BATHROOM. She is too old to have a bathroom that disgusting; the restroom looks like it is in dilapidated housing. DAMN…

  3. @bob… cant say thats well water sulfur… look at how filthy that damn mirror is. aaaand her shirt is effing gross. shes a slob dude. and thats all it is

  4. She’d sweat that ass off just cleaning that bathroom. And anorexic by the time she finished the hole house. I say hole as in shit hole.

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