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    1. You win Dave! I own 3, obviously this stupid a-hole of a dad has never even seen one in real life let alone owned one.

    1. At least it’s only a handgun…if this were anywhere in the middle east, she would be holding a fuckin’ AK-47 and someones head.

    1. I agree. Poor baby, and the caption is an insult to special needs ppl everywhere. Everyone seem to think that it’s the dad who put this gun in this little girls hands, but it was SUBMITTED by the mom!! Disgrace to mommy’s everywhere.

    1. You are nuts. I could care less if it’s real and was unloaded OR NOT a real gun. It says “Parenting Fail.” You don’t teach your child to play with something that even resembles a gun!

    2. how heavy do you even think a gun is? or maybe you just underestimate babies, either way you sir are the “retard” shame on you nuts for acting like you even have held any form of firearm in your life

  1. Children are actually remarkably strong, even after the initial infantile grip reflex dissipates, so not really.

    Plus in spite of the fact that this guy is obviously a nightmare of a parent, I’d imagine he took the magazine out of the weapon before he handed it to his toddler…. which would lighten it up considerably.

    As for the weapon I think Dave is right, doesnt look like a Glock.

    Im gonna go with Barretta 9mm. The picture is blurry the but the thumb safety on the slide, the shape of the trigger well, the slide release just above and forward of the trigger, and the most damning evidence.. it has a hammer.. glocks dont have hammers.

    In any case this Dumbass shouldnt have his kids, or the right to gun ownership.

  2. Or its an airsoft gun and hes an idiot for posting the shit on facebook…. like I said, either way this guy is a dumbass.

  3. babies shouldnt be holding guns like that at all..even if its airsoft. It could rilly hurt the baby. This is why sum ppl don’t deserve to be parents.

  4. if the fact that shes holding any type of gun real or fake isn’t awful enough they’re calling her a loser and s retard… what a F**k TARD

  5. It’s fucking idiots like this that cause children to be shot. I was shot with a fucking pistol before I was 2 and still suffer from it because it hit my spinal cord. The mother should be in jail for this.

  6. come on white trash racist fucks! i am waiting to read your racist jokeS about this onee! FUCKING RETARDSS!…..ONLY IN AMERICA…WAIT A MINUTE, U.S.A! I AM PART OF AMERICA BUT THE PART OF IT. I WILL BE ASHAME!!

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