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    1. So what about the tats and ear loops…he looks like a nice guy. Maybe you’re the one who needs to be jailed for your murderous thoughts…so much for being “free” in America.

    2. whatever im with Big Fail. this dude is a freak, maybe not murder but at least a crucial ass whoopin

    3. Dad- “free” america means Big Fail is ‘free’ to say whatever the hell he wants, you hypocrite.

  1. You say all of this but yet you don’t even know the guy, you guys should stfu and worry how your self looks in the mirror

  2. If you cut off the huge hoops, then his ears would be some what normal. He’s making himself totally unemployable.

  3. wats that old kiddie rhyme “do your ears hang low do they wooble to the floor can you tie em in a knot can you tie them in a bow” mayb mom sang that to much?

    1. The dude looks like he’s sixty, he already should regret it. Notice the blacked out right arm.. yup that’s regret all right.

  4. jesus christ.his name is bear and if you fckn look at him he looks at least fckn 45.look at his damn beard.its white.dont start with that shit “i wonder if he regrets this after 30 years“ or “man i think he doesnt have a job“ fckn stupid americans.i think he has a better job than most of you stupid a-holes who work in an office box every day thinking im gonna kill myself today.

  5. Wow, bet this bloke claims income support as well, idiot won’t get a job looking like that, unless it’s a tattoo shop.

    1. This just means he won’t have to resort to cannibalism so quickly in a time of crisis…

      No wait, if you eat yourself it’s still cannibalism right?

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