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  1. To be gay, you need to be interested in members of the same gender, not candles. I know you feel that if you keep on screaming about “how gay this kid is” it will make you not gay. Let me know how that works.

    Here’s what’s really going on: If you believe in re-incarnation, this kid may just be you grandmother…so you should show some respect.

    1. You are fucking awesome!! It’s about time that there is a smart guy in the world who isn’t some homophobic pig.

    2. this is what happens when you let gay couples adopt, the kid doesn’t understand how to interact with kids their own age and they end up being lonely, confused serial killers…who also like candles. This is just the opinion of myself and my same sex life partner, big billy bob, so don’t get all cranky.

    1. you’re right, I play World of Warcraft on a daily basis with my daughter and I always like to light up a few candles. Just luv’em… 🙂

  2. This is disturbing. It’s all parental fail though. A hobby is a hobby but, he’s gotta be like 11, he talks like he’s 42 and candles are his hobby? BUY THIS KID A PS3.

    1. So you would rather his eyesight be damaged, he gains weight, loses bone mass and muscle mass from sitting for long periods of time on a frequent basis, doesn’t play outside in the sun and get vitamin E, and risks getting heart disease and other disorders from lack of proper exercise than to talk about candles? You would make a really bad parent, I don’t think you have room to say what any parent should do about anything. YOU fail.

  3. Scott, this kid needs a man or a dog in his life….I think he is being raised by a mother who “thinks he is so cute”. He is scary and disturbing. I can see him cutting someone with a smashed jar of “soft blanket”. He needs a new hobby. WOW!

  4. ..what a queer ! you can’t tell he he doesn’t desire to tune a meat whistle ….. FFS I’m scared to see what he does to his birthday cakes ..hope he doesn’t get lipstick on the icing when he BLOWS out the candles 😉

  5. this kid is a FUKING fagget!!!! the first 20secs of the video discribes how much of a fagget this kid is! i feel sorry for his parents

  6. I don’t see any real fail here… Anyone calling me a fag because I like ’em candles while I play guitar or Warcraft would get his bones broken one by one, kapish motherfuckers…

  7. I wonder how old this kid will be when his penis and testicles end up in an empty jar of soft blanket? This kid is off the gay meter.

  8. So.. what I’m thinking is that at least the kid isnt out doing drugs, stealing, or just being a total menace… He probably makes straight A’s. And he’ll probably go alot further in life than alot of the people who made fun of him.
    Back the fuck off… Damn if he’s gay he’s gay so fucking what.
    Fuckin haters

  9. This kid has issues, like this one kid at the apt pool I work at who made the most amazing observation I’ve ever heard. He said “I can’t breath under water” Well that’s amazing isn’t it? That kid is about the same age as this kid.

  10. He can make millions if he really gets into it. I mean, candles aren’t the biggest thing but people buy them alot so there is a market that is over populated. He definitely is gay though. God I hope my sons don’t turn fag on me like this boy. Why doesn’t his dad kick his ass?

  11. This kid could be out there doing so much worse, if all e is doing is collecting candles his parents have to be ecstatic. But I am worried that he’s reading reviews on scented candles…

  12. So the kid likes candles … who cares. I collect comic books and Harry Potter stuff … if he wants to collect candles who cares, it doesn’t make him gay. The video isn’t him fucking some guy in the ass. He likes the smells, leave him be. If you smelt them you’d probably like them too!

  13. This guy is impressive. Now lets just imagine what he could do with that wonder nose if he was reviewing cocaine! I’ll throw in a capital “P” for Potential.

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