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    1. It didn’t have anything to do with the camera, it’s the fact that the Rot was under stress and they put another dog near it like a dumbass. That poor little thing…

    1. When will this douche trend end? It only shows how much of a follower all of you that do it are. Commenting First just to have some FAILED sense of accomplishment that means nothing to anyone but the Trash that still does it.

    1. Shes sweet cuz she ate the poodle or wetf that was! THOSE ARE RATS NOT DOGS. Yappy ass waste of space! If i win the lottery im buying an alligator and feeding it ONLY SHOW QUALITY RAT DOGS! We need to cull the bitch gene out of the domestic dog species. They do nothing but make annoying noise at everything. That dog will not save you from anything. you get used to it barking at everything that moves outside the window and just start ignoring it. Then something happens and you think the dos is just being stupid. Next thing you know youre dead cuz you didnt have a smart dog!

    1. Actually they’re very sweet dogs if you know how to treat them, my father trained one of them him self, only problem was cats, but he still took care of it

  1. NO you got it all wrong…the rottweiler had a grudge against all the midget mutts that wouldnt shut up so he was picking them off one by one…he didnt look all that malnourished to me!

  2. I am a professional dog trainer and rottweiler breather, and that has nothing to do with hunger, being trapped or cameras, but with human stupidity you could see the dogs focus from a mile away only a stupid person would let a dog that you dont know so close to another dog.

  3. The dog did not bite the smaller one. It just wanted to go and sniff it but the smaller dog was afraid and started to scream. Rottie did not show any signs of aggression towards the little one. You people just do not know dogs that well! So no fail here!

  4. Ofcourse the rotweiller attacked because they picked up a little dog NEVER pick up ur dog …You making it bigger wich means it stands above the other dog so it was no suprise for me.

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