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  1. I completely understand her. I mean seriously, who uses the world wide web anymore? It’s all about using the internet nowadays.

    1. Totally, and Bill Gates, who’s that? Do you think she even knows who that is?

      Q: Was Joe being serious with the “internet’s?” Clearly she’s not the only one who needs to stick with school….

    2. lol yes, you should listen to him because clearly he knows all about the English language since he also made another mistake (“its” was suppose to be “IT’S” because it’s IT IS)

    1. windows Vista is wayyyy out of date, and yet she stated that they were being taught windows 2007… read HM3’s comment to get it…

    2. Umm, Shadow…The fail is she said nobody uses Microsoft anymore, everything is is XP or Vista now. XP came out way before 2007, AND…XP and Vista IS MICROSOFT.

    3. LOL Yeah, lol everyone but Shadow that commented on yours is right. Just about EVERY computer out there uses Windows, and that’s a product of Microsoft. And it is Windows 7.

    4. You guys are so dumb! I swear. She is not talking about Windows 7 she is talking about Microsoft Office 2007!! The fail is XP and Vista are Microsoft!!!Fkn Mecos!

    1. Yes…I wouldn’t trust this bitch near a kitchen… or near any literature.. for God’s sake she may answer the phone in there, and then whoever is calling will think the house is filled with retards!

  2. fuck that shit, im still rockin windows 95 bitch.

    pendrive?… fuck you.

    floppy disk all day baby…….ALLL DAY

    1. Lmfaooo!!!!! Comment WIN!! I bet you still rock one of those Zack Morris cell phones too huh?

  3. so does that mean that my Atari games are outdated too?i was so busy i felt like a cat burying his shit in the bathtub,

    1. ur the retard it has been said couple of times what the fail is. The teacher gonna teach her about MICROSOFT 2007 ; She says wtf microsoft 2007 we use vista and xp .. the bitch to dumb to know that vista and xp are products of microsoft u freakin retard

  4. Just goes to show… you might have a piece of paper from a college that says you’re smart, but that won’t save you from failing miserably.

    1. you hit the nail on the head my friend, i always say, you can have intelligence or education….you can be educated but still be thick ass shit and you can be uneducated but sharp as a box cutter. im uneducated as you can see by my spelling lol

    2. @Militaryminded85: That’s right! Shame on you for spelling correctly AND making sense! Get with the times; it’s 2011 and we go all be talk stoopid noww! rotfl….

  5. stupid people and this is what the future for us people bunch of doctor fucknuckles it pisses me off to no end that someone like this has no clue when i bust my ass off with studies to know all this sort of thing and this dumb shit dosent know a simple thing as “microsoft is windows” if you do not know that then i ask why the hell are you attending school dumb shit

    1. smh “nobody uses microsoft, AND all they have is xp and vista n m2007” THEY’RE ALL MICROSOFT DUMBASS! 2007, XP and vista are microsoft! smh, people this days –‘

    1. Well, the only thing “sup” has on you is that you did spell THESE days as “this days” so you decide?

  6. My favorite part is her response was “21” minutes ago. So I’m picturing the guy who first commented sitting there going……….. “”Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, what a dumb cunt. What am I suppose to say now?””

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