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    1. Yeah, yeah, you’re first. You know, I could write some witty shit about that – ya know, the “first-to-be-raped-by-a-humpback-whale” sorta stuff. But as I feel that your life must be quite miserable and devoid of triumph I’d like to congratulate you on your comment. After all your comment actually came in first! Now carry on my son – may your life come to a swift end so that this triumph will be forever remembered as your greatest.

    2. Dont worry it took poopr spell check google and help to write that.. i bet he over looked it many times before submitting and its also one of his greatest triumphs and proudest moments.. Reminds me of my first joke.

  1. Hey poopr, i hope you die of cancer, as well as your whole family of ignorant, arrogant bastard dogs.

    As for the fail, besides poopr failing at life, like when his mother gave birth to him (epic fail), mirror mirror, who is the prettiest driver?

    1. wow, i’m sensing some real negativity here. Maybe u all should just shut the hell up against eachother and use this for comments on the fails / wins ( like it should be used ) u BITCHEZZ

    1. @miss j
      uhm, well, the title USED to be “rear view mirror fail” – the guys at epicfail corrected it after jayjay wrote this comment.

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