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    1. wow who uses the word fool seriously anymore… i know thats the joke…jokes also that some cops are just as dumb as the people they’re arresting

  1. haha i love how the second cop struggles to climb the fence, takes a guy with a camera in his hand one second to open it….cops r STUPPPPPID

  2. euh!got two felony warrents,good thing he told his partner that or he was going to take a break,janes dick see spot run,spot janes dick

  3. Cop 1: Im a lot faster than you think
    Black guy: Oh but my good man, I am indeed more than knowledgeable to the fact of how fast you run, and dare I say I may be able to accelerate and close a gate that you may jump to aid my haste in this mmnn-getaway.

  4. Lol people dont read the other comments
    Shall i say again,
    lol the biggest fail was that the cop that was recording just opened the gate while the other jumped over it
    oh gosh :O

  5. that was awesome, u see folks its true black men can run its apart of the National Felony League!Now give him a football, and ill bet on his ass everyday, and get paid!

  6. okay the cop who caught him was also black, so the racial thing is out the window. just before they go to this call, the cop states that he’s a former track and field star, went all american in college or something. whoever asked for the link it’s on right now as street patrol #2 under cops episodes.

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