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    1. Idk but one thigns for sure, keep it away from your ass, she might sap you and make you wake up in a tub of ice wondering where your ass has gone off too

  1. and the sad part is, somewhere in mexico she is likely to get impregnated.. Hence all the fat mis-shapen women pushing strollers…

    1. but we the mexicans have the ability to impregnate all sorts of chicks! it doesn’t matter if we find them attractive or not! Our dicks can walk the distance all the way!

    1. wtf ever! atleast we dont have ugly FAT asses like black girls! thats just disgusting. not ALL white girls look like this!

  2. The fat is just there to give her some sort of curves even if the curves are not what qualifies as ideal curves. Otherwise if she was slim or skinny she’d be like a plank of wood. cuz you know she has a matching set of “boobs” for her ass.

  3. @YeahYeah…hahaha white girls be paying thousands to get that
    ass..that’s the hilarious thing! Most black girls don’t have’s god-given!

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