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  1. lol @ his stoner logic… I’m guessing that probably seemed like a sensible idea at the time…

    saying that, even at my utmost highest, I would never consider phoning emergency services for a chat about the ramifications of my habit 😀 I’d posit that he’s also an idiot.

  2. Don’t know if this is real or a prank but what’s sure is that if he didn’t smoke weed, then he probably has a couple of burned cells…

  3. i wonder how fast the cops were sent to his house lol and she was answering all nice and crap that 911 lady made me laugh

  4. STILL not enough for probable cause to search his house! He could’ve been talking about his friend’s house, he could’ve been talking about his mom’s house. There’s just too many ways he can beat this charge, if they went straight to his house, and raided it. He IS an absolute dumb-ass, though, but there just isn’t enough PC to go to the location from which the call was made, and arrest him for possession, based on this call.

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