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    1. Lol ..Human beings have too many time in their hands, see? This time I didn’t say Americans. Nice eh?

  1. i would not be surprised if he took this picture after right after choking the chicken!!!!
    Question – Who took the picture???? cause he is not taking a pic of himself in the mirror???
    do you think that person is his inspiration!?!?!?!?

  2. Is anyone else reminded of the Burger King tiny hand commercials when they look at this? He could do the commercials without any CGI.

    1. If that’s huge then I’m the fucking incredible hulk. He has 2 ropey arms… one is tensed and the other is not. The only real fail is that he took a picture of himself and put it where others could see.

  3. sure looks funny, thou there might be a more natural explanation. A friend of mine broke his arm when we were young and he would probably have looked something like that if he flexed his good arm. Incased with gypsum the arm will loose a lot of muscles and mass when not in use for a month or two.

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