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    1. They should name a battleship after him!! Can you imagine being attacked my the “USS Harry Balls”

    2. What the hell is wrong with using his proper name HAROLD , fucking dumbass Texans.

  1. The Harry Baals government center by the Pulz N. Shafft Customs building? in the Sussex region of Virginia? people will never make that kind of connection.

  2. WIN to the reporter for not exploding into laughter.

    No joke there was a pharmacist in a circumcision clinic in my city called Dr. Weiner

  3. i could see the campaign for the next mayor
    “i like my baals harry dont you?”

    paid for by the name the city hall building harry baals committee

    1. no shit!! i was asking myself why on earth did they post that news segment here… geez i guess it was because it DOES sonud like hairy balls… we should ask more people

  4. Fail comment at the end “just because it gets the most votes doesn’t mean that’s the name they will choose” (or sumthing like that)… WELCOME TO THE LAND OF DEMOCRACY pffffff

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