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    1. Never mind the twinkies…. put down the Big Mac. What is she in a bathroom stall in this pic. Probably a Micky Dees for that fat ass.

  1. Dashanna: Girl I ain’t pregnant, you trippin’.
    Kyshanta: My bad, I should’ve axed you first.
    Dashanna: Our parents fucked up when they named us.
    Kyshanta: Mmmmhmmm. I know das right…

    1. don’t “these” people know how to give their kids real fucking names? What kind of name is Kyshanta? Don’t tell me its African and means beautiful princess, it doesn’t! It means your mother was on crack when they asked her your name.

    2. Bytch Keep Mah Muthafucking Names Out Ya Mouf . Im Sure U Hoes dnt Even Kno How 2 Pronounce My Shyt . Goofy Asz Bytches . Its Hawaiian While Yall Got Sum Slick Shyt 2 Say . Yall Can Tlk Bout Dat Bytch Dashanna Cuz IDnt Give 2fucks Bout Shawty ., But Keep My Shyt Out Ya Mouf Str8 Up .

  2. What r u taking a picture of? U put this on & said I look so damn good I gotta bust out the camera?!?! Holy shit. And I don’t care if y’all are the majority or how normal it becomes to be obese or how much u squeeze it all into the latest fads it will never be acceptable to let it hang out in public & u will never change our minds on what is considered sexy! U know what’s sexy? A little self discipline & a whole lotta self worth that tells u when ur ass is too big & u need to get up off it just a tad more than ur on it! Just sayin…

  3. You know there are some desperate ass men who be pumping these sloppy ass chics heads up for a hit and run so every time they pass a public bathroom mirror their stuck on stupid brains start confusing fat for thick

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