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    1. it reminds me of the ghetto luigi, going down the green pipe to collect coins, oooor maybe its just a crack head going on an adventure, either way i wonder what is in there

    1. basicly, if you’re anything other than black, you are a racist and must FOR EVER pay for you ancestors sins…except if your jew like me, then they can never say shit, because my family went through 10 times more shit in less time, if anyone asks, you’re jew

    2. im white i have black friends that are more racist than me. Black women are raised to be racist against any white person. if blacks didnt want to be treated bad dont act stupid and ignorant. get off your ass and get a job go to school and stop trying to act like the only thing you can do is sell drugs. And bringing up slavery is stupid because it wont me or my parents who enslaved you. we actually got the idea from going to africa and trading with you, you enslaved your own people so you could be lazy.

  1. Personally I think this is kind of hot in a WTF sort of way.

    Plus we can see her pussy.

    Well somebody’s pussy anyway.

    Or maybe a feral pussy, whatever.

  2. i think your dog is eating your white trash
    and wow, white trash, and black in one picture, what a miracle!
    hhahah, just kidding that’s mean

  3. Um….I actually know her. Went to high school with her. The bad news is, she has an identical twin sister that is equally as ridiculous.

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