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    1. Physics didn’t win because all objects dropped from the same height will land at the same time. Gravity causes the same acceleration for everything. Gravity pulls down on an object. The object’s mass resists the pull. This resistance is called inertia. In an ideal situation the heavier object gets pulled harder, but resists harder as well. Both the heavier and lighter object therefore move the same way. Her weigh broke the rules,,lol

    2. She has her own gravitational pull that’s why her fat broke the rule … Two gravitational pulls meeting can cause all kinds of abnormal things

  1. I don’t see a fail here why can’t anorexics have plus size friends? It’s like saying black and white people shouldn’t play together.

    1. or hes really a fat chic with all skinny friends and now realizes what “she” really looks like to everyone when they go out together….easy quick fix drop in from a higher level so ur not hitting the water first and your welcome

  2. Kid: Dad, what do I do with the ugly girls coming my way?
    Father: You throw them to the river and hope they drown, son.

  3. Yeah i dont think I would call the girl in the black fat…more average sized. And the three other girls look on the verge of death from starving.

  4. the one if blue is the only one that looks healthy. The fat one needs to share some o dat chicken and cheese fries with two on both ends.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with this picture. Damned if your too skinny damned if your so called too fat. Are you people ever happy? Do you ever wonder what people are saying about you?

  6. I really don’t understand the fat girl fitting in fails…I can see that its 3 skinny girls and one fat girl but what is so funny about it? I guess fat people cant hang with skinny people? it’s just not funny to me ppl are just ppl ultra skinny ultra fat…who cares? I think you guys here at epicfail have run out of funny pics and have now settled on obvious differences…they aren’t funny there just obvious…now if the fat girl had a fat role hanging out of her suit that would be funny…this is just a picture

  7. I know whats happening here.
    The skinny bitches were swimming and then the fat ass jumped in and the residual wake made by the heffer spashing down caused the thin hoes to fly up and out of the water.

  8. Oh my goodness. This is hilarious! I am the “flatter than a flapjack” girl in blue. I don’t know how this even got on here, but it’s funny = P Btw, the ribs and the flat boobs on us are from jumping and doing a spin… Not actually anorexia. Lol, I really do look one armed.

    1. Haha, thats funny XD You don’t look bad in the picture at all, it looks like you would be really pretty in another not-in-motion picture.

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