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    1. Yep! More like multi-fail. Smoking two cigarettes, pregnant, no way older then 17, and does she think that her pregnant belly is attractive?

    1. Make sure she’s on the pill, we don’t need any more children born to fucking dumb irresponsible parents.

    2. itd be like the more times you do it while your pregnant the more babies you’d have…

    3. actualy shaguar yes it is possible for 2 seperate men to impregnate the same egg at opposite times of intercourse maybe u should look it up it prob has pictures to wouldnt want u to get confused with all the letters put together to make words you stupid cunt bitch

  1. They way she’s holding up her left hand it looks like she’s saying, “Dis is one…two..three…this’ll be ma fourth baybee.”

  2. If a smoker becomes pregnant its actually worse to quit smoking cold turkey. Your body could go into withdrawl and shock and harm the baby.

    1. Hmmm, I’m not sure I agree with this. I quit cold turkey as soon as I found out I was pregnant with BOTH of my children and did just fine and had 2 very healthy babies.

    2. This girl doesn’t seem like the type who would even try to quit smoking regardless.

    3. Seriously people? Look it up and ask a Dr. I was told with all of my 3 kids not to stop cold turkey. So I am going to have to say you haters need to learn the facts before talkingspouting trash outnof your mouth at others.

  3. This isn’t real. It’s a leaked photo from the set of the prequel to Joe Dirt. The tagline on the poster reads: His mother should have been “Spade”.

  4. Today I drove buy a niga holding his baby and smoking in his face while his nigga wife watched and held there other baby close to the second hans smoke

  5. if this fail is all about the cigarette lighten up fools,my bet is that your parents werent just smoking after the sex,in the 60’s 70’s 97 out of 100 people were smoking something even the non smokers had a joint or two,either you or your parents are the results,unless im missing something the cigarette aint a fail but a line of coke would be or a crack pipe,check out the old commercials from when cigarettes were the thing of the past,salem taratens,kool/kool milds maloboro,lucky strikes,

    1. Your comment is kind of like ‘No Country For Old Men’. I was confused throughout and surprised when it ended.

  6. It’s not fake I know this girl. If you couldn’t already tell by the silly bandz, she’s 15 and this was her default photo on facebook for a good couple of months

  7. AYOO THIS IS THE GIRL IN THIS PIC… I WAS ONLY SMOKIN A GOD DAMN CIG, YOU GUYS ARE ACTIN LIKE IM SMOKIN MARIJUANA OR SOMETHING… FUNNY HOW EVERYONE HAS SHIT TO SAY ON HERE BUT WONT COME TO MY FACE AND SAY SHIT… IF YOU LOOK AT THE PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO SMOKE CIGS WHILE PREGNANT it’s 60 percent… more then half so while you guys go talkin shit… when yall dont even know if yall is CRACK BABIES, your moms prolly smoked while pregnant so save your opinions… no one cares. whoever did this please let me know and stop being pussies and talkin shit..

  8. ahahah this shit is soo funny. thats what your nasty ass gets sugeily, having a baby at 15 probably dont even know who the daddy is since you sleep wit everybody. youve been sucking people off since you was like 8 soo i think its time you get a job and support your baby instead of spending the little money you get from sucking dick on COKEEEEEEE. I feel bad for your baby. bye ugly trick.

  9. this lil girl is nasty as hell i heard she fucks and sucks for a bag of marijuana and shit she do coke on a regular right with her child n the room n yes this picture is real i seen it on her facebook sugeily aponte i know more ppl smoke cigs during pregnancy but she did it all

  10. Fewer things enrage me more than seeing a pregnant woman smoking, but a pregnant teenage ho bag smoking? Oh fucking hell this makes me mad.

  11. u see i hate bitches like this dat dont think about the health of the baby who didnt even ask to have a mother like her

  12. oh my god.. yall freak out about this one thing?
    you don’t know if she smokes daily or not.
    I smoked every now and then while pregnant and my daughter came out perfectly healthy.
    take a chill pill yall

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